I'm facing an architectural design where a company could have more than 10k locations, and I would like to save the location data, according to this link it's a good practice to use a hierarchical approach, where I have a parent Account (main company), and the child accounts as the different locations, for example: The company Macdonald has several locations in the US, and I would like to represent in my Salesforce org the locations and the main company (parent). If I do the approach of using a parent account and child accounts (locations), then I could probably run into a data skew problem.

What would be a good approach in this kind of situation?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


One approach that I have used in the past when facing data skewing problems is storing the ID to the parent record in a text field in the child record.

If you use that approach but still need a link from the child to the parent for your users, you can use a formula field to replicate the functionality provided by lookup fields.

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