I have a LWC component that exposes a variable called testData in lightning__FlowScreen. The testData property is used in screen to display text.

<targetConfig targets="lightning__FlowScreen">
        <property name="testData " label="Title" type="String" description=""/>

In my LWC component, I have getters and setters for testData property

get testData(){
return this._testData;
set testData(val){
this._testData = val;

I have also created a button which on click dispatches flowAttributeChangeEvent with value 'abc'

const attributeChangeEvent = new FlowAttributeChangeEvent('testData','abc');

Now, In the flow screen, If I click Previous navigation button and next nav btn again then the testData value is empty. I thought the value would be 'abc' but it seems flow will assign the value returned by getter of testData ?

Do I have to assign 'abc' value to _testData variable ? Can't I directly pass data to flowAttributeChangeEvent ?

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It is important you configure your variables in remember mode. This mode is entered if a Lightning Component has values mapped for both the input and the output of a particular field or is using Automatic Output Handling.

Make sure to uncheck the "Manually assign Variables (advanced)” checkbox.

<targetConfig targets="lightning__FlowScreen">
    <property name="testData " label="Title" type="String" role=“inputOnly” description=""/>

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