On Opportunity are two Custom Fields Product__c (controlling field) and Product_Type__c (Dependent Field)

When i check the field level security on these fields, it is visible for all Profiles. I want these fields to be not visible for ll profiles. However I am unable to edit the Field level Security.

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Also, from Set up > Profile > Object Settings > Edit > 'search the custom objects', the checkboxes next to these two fields are greyed out. I do not want to assign these two fields to the profile.

I am wondering how can i edit the Field Level Security and revoke the permissions to these fields for the profile?

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    Are those fields marked as required on the object? – Mark Pond Aug 27 at 21:54
  • yes Mark, they were. I made them Not required on the Object, and required on Page Layout. Now I am able to edit the visibility. – user4947 Aug 27 at 22:21
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    Excellent. You should add an official answer here, to yourself, and accept it... so that someone who comes along later can see your solution. – Mark Pond Aug 27 at 22:41

Thanks to @MarkPond in pointing me in the correct direction. I was able to resolve this.

Steps to resolve

  1. Setup > Object > Fields
  2. Set Field Level Security
  3. Make the field not required
  4. Set Up > Profile > Object Settings > "Now the field is available for editing"
  5. Made the field required on Pagelayout
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