I have an issue where I've created user territory records for the users to view any records which are created in the territory however the users cannot see records when owner by user in higher role .

Let's say for a user in Bermuda territory I have created a User territory record as per Salesforce documentation the record is shared like below

User territories give users access to the following objects for that territory. Resource Absences Service Appointments Service Resources Service Territories Parent objects of shared Service Appointments; for example, Accounts, Assets, Opportunities, Work Orders, and Work Order Line Items

If the user then creates a record and share the ownership to a role which sits above the user cannot view records for the parent records. Is this normal behavior.

Note : User has a Service resource and Service territory member in Bahamas Territory

Workaround that I thought

Create a sharing rule with the user on the higher role to the lower users . The problem with this is every user who sits under the higher role in every territory can view the records which are not relevant to them.

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