I have a report which is grouped using a custom field called Type__c. It holds two values, RN and NB. Now, I have created a formula in the lightning report to get the percentage of each record count.

Below is the formula:


Now, when i tried to use this report as a dashboard component with Number/Metric chart as widget, I am getting following error.

To plot this summary formula, select Policy_log__c.Type__c

I didnt find any option to select the field in the dashboard properties and I want to display the percentages in dashboard based on Type__c filter. If NB is selected, it should display the percentage as 60% and if RN is selected, the value should be displayed as 40%.

Can anyone please suggest any changes so that i can get this done!

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I don't think you can use the Metric chart type with the report percentage formula like you're trying

As an alternative, you might want to consider using a Gauge chart type with a measure value of the Record Count, showing the Percentages but hiding the Values (and maybe the Range if you don't want it to show)

Gauge Chart

The dashboard filter will adjust the values in this chart like you're hoping it will for the NB and RN filter values

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