When I try to make a scratch org with the command:

sfdx force:org:create --targetdevhubusername DEVHUB --wait 10 --durationdays 1 --definitionfile project-scratch-def.json

I get the following error: enter image description here

My project-scratch-def.json looks like:

  "orgName": "Impact",
  "edition": "Developer",
  "features": [
    "ContactsToMultipleAccounts", "HealthCloudUser", "LightningScheduler", "StateAndCountryPicklist"
  "settings": {
    "lightningExperienceSettings": {
      "enableS1DesktopEnabled": true
    "securitySettings": {
      "passwordPolicies": {
        "enableSetPasswordInApi": true
    "mobileSettings": {
      "enableS1EncryptedStoragePref2": false
    "accountSettings": {
      "enableRelateContactToMultipleAccounts": true,
      "enableAccountHistoryTracking": true,
      "showViewHierarchyLink": true
    "chatterSettings": {
      "enableChatter": true

I had no problem creating scratch orgs before. This error showed up out of nowhere and now it occurs everytime. The only case where I can get the scratch org creation to success is if I remove all the Features and Settings from my project-scratch-def.json, but I need those for my org to have the correct shape. How do I fix this?

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This has bitten me before. This issue appears to crop up when you add addressSettings to your project-scratch-def.json - the scratch fails to create and you then then subsequently remove addressSettings.

The only way I have found to resolve this is to delete the scratch folder in your temp directory prior to running sfdx force:org:create

I'm on a windows box and I located the scratch folder and the subsequent scratch.zip in the default temp dir


After deleting from here it built as expected with no address settings.

Its worth noting you can set the temp directory using




You can read about it more here

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