In Custom Button or Link, using URL content source. if I place direct url value it is working, but I want to make value in url dynamic based on record's custom field value.

Actual URL FORMAT: https://apidata.trans.org/standard/frmf/87875?Subscription-Key=sjhjashjsahjsh

But here is the Dynamic picking of custom field value. https://apidata.trans.org/standard/frmf/{!travel__c.travelNumber__c}?Subscription-Key=sjhjashjsahjsh


HYPERLINK("https://apidata.trans.org/standard/frmf/"&{!travel__c.travelNumber__c}&"?Subscription-Key=sjhjashjsahjsh", "link")

Note:here subscription value and link are changed for security

  • The merge field should resolve in the URL based on your Dynamic URL example above. What does it show in the browser URL when you click on the button for that merge field? Does it include the value from the underlying record? I tried this in a button on a test object and the URL resolved properly when the button was clicked: google.com/search?q={!Test_Obj__c.Search_String__c}
    – Instread
    Aug 25 '20 at 18:05
  • I could resolve it without using any appending logic, simple format is include field along with regular url value.
    – Akash
    Aug 26 '20 at 11:14

Hope this may help other

Dont use & or / or ' or ".


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