I have a question on what is best practice / more efficient way of building a flow. I need to get ~ 3 current running user fields for decisions in a flow. Currently, I'm just using formula fields and referencing the global user variable, e.g.


However, I need access a new user custom field, and I'm wondering if it is more resource efficient to just get the entire user record (or the ~5 fields I need) with a record variable. I tend to need user fields a lot in my flows so I'm curious which method to use moving forward. Thanks in advance.

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Use the formulas. The Fast Lookup element consumes a SOQL query (limit 100 per transaction), but the $User formula does not; the user record fields are loaded when the flow starts automatically. Using $User is more efficient in every way. Of course, if you need someone that's not the running user, Fast Lookup is what you'd need then.

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