When I log into my application with Salesforce as OpenID Connect Provider (OP), I am able to do so. But, when I try and log out of my application, I am logged out of Salesforce and then redirected to my Salesforce login page https://{MY_DOMAIN}.my.salesforce.com/.

Expected Behavior:

When a logout request with post_logout_redirect_uri is sent to OP, the OP should redirect to this URL after its own logout sequence.

Actual Behavior:

When I attempt to log out of the application I am redirected to my Salesforce domain and asked to log in to Salesforce again.

What I've Tried:

As per Documentation, I've enabled Single Logout on the connected app trying both https://{MY_KEYCLOAK_DOMAIN}/auth/realms/{REALM}/broker/{IDP}/endpoint/logout_response and https://{MY_KEYCLOAK_DOMAIN}/auth/realms/{REALM}/protocol/openid-connect/logout as the Single Logout URL value in the connected app configuration.

I've attempted using the back-channel logout method, but it does not seem to log out of Salesforce using that.


As you've discovered, only front-channel OIDC single logout (SLO) is supported by SF acting as OpenID Connect Provider (OP). This is/can be confirmed via OIDC metadata under /.well-known/openid-configuration.

How does front-channel SLO work in OIDC? From the spec:

OPs supporting HTTP-based logout need to keep track of the set of logged-in RPs so that they know what RPs to contact at their logout URIs to cause them to log out. Some OPs track this state using a "visited sites" cookie. OPs contact them in parallel using a dynamically constructed page with HTML <iframe src="frontchannel_logout_uri"> tags rendering each logged-in RP's logout URI

No mention of post_logout_redirect_uri. (OIDC session management spec used to talk about post_logout_redirect_uri but it was removed in the latest draft).

As the help doc you reference states, the front-channel logout URI the spec talks about is retrieved by Salesforce from the connected app's Single Logout field.

For post-logout redirect from Salesforce, you can configure a logout URL at the org level via Setup => Session Settings => Logout Page Settings => Logout URL. This will apply to all connected apps. The value of this config setting could point to a service based on your own custom code running wherever that can further examine the request and perform appropriate post-processing steps.

NB: OIDC session mgmt + SLO (both front and back channel) specifications are still drafts and not final.

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    Thanks for the swift answer. I saw the option for Setup => Session Settings => Logout Page Settings => Logout URL. We have other connected apps on this org, so we cant just set it to the Keycloak logout endpoint. I was hoping there would be a simple answer, but thanks for the advice on creating a custom service to manage post-logout logic. Aug 21 '20 at 11:16

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