I am trying to use the Quote Generation API for Salesforce, I referred the below link for reference


I am using postman to trigger the below endpoint



Request Body :

    "saver": "SBQQ.QuoteDocumentAPI.Save",
    "model": "{\\\"name\\\":\\\"test\\\",\\\"quoteId\\\":\\\"a0n0R000000jhVC\\\",\\\"templateId\\\":\\\"a0l0R000000vahe\\\",\\\"outputFormat\\\":\\\"PDF\\\",\\\"language\\\":\\\"en_US\\\",\\\"paperSize\\\":\\\"Default\\\"}"

Response :

        "message": "Unexpected parameter encountered during deserialization: saver at [line:1, column:11]",
        "errorCode": "JSON_PARSER_ERROR"

As you can see the above sample request and response. I am getting Json Parser exception. Can anyone help me out here to figure out where i am going wrong?

  • Are you sure three \\\"name\\\":\\\"test\\\" three backward slash is reqd.
    – Ysr Shk
    Aug 19, 2020 at 6:20

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The correct message should be:

      "saver": "SBQQ.QuoteDocumentAPI.Save",
      "model": {
        "name": "test",
        "quoteId": "a0n0R000000jhVC",
        "templateId": "a0l0R000000vahe",
        "outputFormat": "PDF",
        "language": "en_US",
        "paperSize": "Default"

You don't have to escape double quotes with backshlash when using Postman.

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