I have two Users : Bob and Community User Calendar

I have one public calendar that is shared with Bob : Calendar One

I have a community user : John

Bob assigns an event HR BENEFITS to Calendar One and adds Community User Calendar as an attendee for the event. John goes to his calendar (within a community) and adds Community User Calendar to his calendar. Now he's able to see the HR BENEFITS event on his calendar. When he hovers on top of the event, the fields that are visible are Subject, Start Date, and End Date and there is a More Details button on the card. When he clicks on More Details to see the full details of the event he's not able to access it.

How can I allow John to access the details for this event?

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As far as I know, this is working as designed.

At times, the coworker's Event will only show you the following fields:

Subject Location Start End All-Day Event Description

While the same event viewed by another user might see all of the event details.

Resolution: This is expected behavior and occurs when the Event was created without any related records (such as the Name and Related To fields).

Events that don't have related records associated with them are considered Private. Only an Event Owner or Users with "View All Data" permissions can view the full details of these Activities.


  • The only fields I'm able to see on hovering the event are Subject, Start, and End - how can I see the Location and Event Description? Those are the fields I wish to see too @Anudeep Commented Aug 18, 2020 at 20:56

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