I have a requirement to select child records of selected record on a detail page. This Lightning component, will be used on Account record page and that Account record's related contact records will be displayed with checkbox to select on the page.

I found this code handy to some extent but it displays all the contact records from the org that can be added as child to the selected Account record. In a nutshell, this works in the reverse way of what I am expecting where i need to display already available child contact records with a checkbox to select.

Can anyone please suggest the possible approach w.r.t my requirement above.



The code in the link has all of the ingredients needed for the solution that you're looking for :)

You could add a parameter to the example getContacts method that receives the Account Id and filter the query by that Id:

public static List<Contact> getContacts(Id accountId) {
    List<Contact> totalList = new List<Contact>();
    for(Contact cc : [SELECT Id, Name, Email FROM Contact WHERE AccountId=:accountId]) {
    return totalList;

Finally, just make sure that the Lightning Component's JS Controller/Helper passes the Record Id to that parameter in the Action:

var action = component.get('c.getContacts');

    "accountId": component.get("v.recordId")

action.setCallback(this, function(actionResult) {
    var state = actionResult.getState();
    if (state === 'SUCCESS') {
        //set response value in ChildRecordList attribute on component.
        component.set('v.ChildRecordList', actionResult.getReturnValue());
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  • while trying your suggested code, I am getting the following error: "Failed to save RelatedListController.js: c.RelatedList: Failed to parse CONTROLLER for js://c.ChildList: org.auraframework.util.json.JsonStreamReader$JsonStreamParseException: Expected ':' [27, 9]: 'action': Source" Please suggest – SK_112 Aug 19 at 6:27
  • Could you possibly add a snippet of your RelatedListController.js controller code? Particularly line 27, where the error is happening? – Instread Aug 19 at 15:14

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