We would like to track for individual contacts the following data:

  • Was the message displayed or not?
  • What buttons were clicked within the message.

We can see this info when clicking on a in-app activity within a journey and going to the analytics tab. However it is displayed there as a summary and not per contact as we would like.

Analytics tab in journey builder

Is there any data view or other way to extract the data displayed in the analytics tab and build a DE accordingly? If not - is there other known soultion to achieve this (via SDK and API requests from the app maybe?).

Notice we found this report: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=mc_mp_run_the_mobilepush_detail_extract_report.htm&type=5

However we discovered the "MessageOpened" field in this report does not get populated for in-app message and there is no data regarding buttons clicks in the message as well.




We're hoping to add granular contact-level data into an extract in an upcoming release. Until then, you can see aggregated data in the UI or by running a report in the Reports app within Marketing Cloud (Analytics Builder).

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