I am using the Salesforce's OOTB feature for import/export Knowledge articles that can be found under Data Management --> Import Articles.

I have prepared the Zip file as per the instructions given below: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=knowledge_article_importer.htm&type=5

I am able to import the articles but all imported articles are converted into "Draft" status and I am not able to mass convert the "PublishStatus" to "Online" also CSV is not accepting the column "PublishStatus" during importing data.

Any thoughts, how can I import all articles with Status "Online".


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As per the help article here, it's not possible to mass update an article's PublishStatus

One workaround which might help you solve this without having to update it manually from UI, is by using this PublishingService Class. You can retrive all Article Ids and execute the method publishArticle(articleId, flagAsNew) of the PublishingService class from Execute Anonymous window

The PublishingService class doesn't have a method to pass list of Article Ids, so you might have to create a list and execute it in a for loop multiple times

  • Question is about what am I missing during importing articles that not able to set the PublishStatus. Not looking for apex solution. Aug 16, 2020 at 22:49
  • That is what I replied. You cannot mass update publish status. So provided workaround. Aug 18, 2020 at 4:03

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