I would like to make a callout on package uninstall (from a package uninstall script) to notify an external application that the package was uninstalled. The page says it's not possible.

The uninstall script has the following restrictions. You can’t use it to initiate batch, scheduled, and future jobs, to access Session IDs, or to perform callouts.

Is there any alternative way to notify my external application that this package was uninstalled?

  • I see you can send an email in your uninstall script. Why don't you send the email to your dev org long email address to create a Case in that org and then on that Case, create a callout? Just an idea. Aug 11 '20 at 20:19

There's no way to do it from within that org, as the page says. Create a trigger on the License object in your LMA if you want to detect uninstall scenarios.

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