I have encountered the same problem as the unanswered question found here: backgroundContext not working for Edit NavigationMixin LWC

backgroundContext does not appear to work in this scenario - so I have tried many other parameters to no success:

  • inContextOf - a base64 encoded string of a page reference. I have used this successfully in Aura components
  • saveNewUrl - similar to backgroundContext, does not work. found from a record type selection screen url: enter image description here Some guessed urls based off what I've seen can be used in class:
    • cancelUrl - similar to backgroundContext, does not work
    • saveUrl- similar to backgroundContext, does not work

Is there any state variable that anyone can suggest? This state object is highly undocumented and has been a process of trial and error getting this to work in LWC.

    let pageReference = {
        type: 'standard__recordPage',
        attributes: {
            recordId: contactId,
            objectApiName: 'Contact',
            actionName: 'edit'
        state: {
            nooverride: '1'
            //,backgroundContext: testUrl //works for view
            //,inContextOfRef: '1.' + window.btoa(JSON.stringify(inContextOf))
            //,saveNewUrl: testUrl
            //,saveUrl: testUrl
            //,cancelUrl: testUrl

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You should add in state the navigationLocation attribute. I have resolved the problem for the backgroundContext by adding it (see the linked question for the details and a full example).

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