I am trying to create a custom button redirecting either to :

  • the correct LinkedIn profile if the LinkedIn ID is filled
  • a LinkedIn search using First Name & Last Name

So far, here is what I have :


Whenever I click the button, I am redirected to a new Salesforce page with the following error : "This page isn't available in Salesforce Lightning Experience or mobile app."

I have found a Salesforce doc using the same kind of formula :

IF(Sample.BillingCountry = "US", 
(IF(Sample.BillingCountry = "UK", 

What am I doing wrong ?

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This works for me (both Classic and Lex)

  • Detail Page button

  • Behavior: Display in new Window

  • Content Source: URL

      URLFOR('http://www.linkedin.com/search/results/people', NULL, [keywords=Contact.FirstName & ' ' & Contact.LastName]),
      URLFOR('http://www.linkedin.com/in/' & Contact.LinkedIn__c,NULL)

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