I have a master DE with all interest, permissions etc. This is also an attribute group. I want to use a field in this master DE as a value for dynamic content.   I use a different DE to send the email to. This one is filled via an automation based on synchronized DEs.

I get this error:

There is an error in your email. Please contact your customer service representative. Error 1: Script IF Statement Invalid
An error occurred when attempting to resolve a script expression. See inner exception for detail. Script Expression: [PNBA] MemberID: 100003369 JobID: 0 An unrecognized expression appears in a script block. Script Expression: [PNBA] MemberID: 100003369 JobID: 0
Invalid Content:
IF (([PNBA] == false)) THEN]%% %%=BeginImpressionRegion("01_Rule_1_NieuweVerdienmodellen_GeenPNBA")=%% %%=ContentBlockById("265218")=%% %%=EndImpressionRegion()=%% %%[

The AMPscript that is generated by the dynamic content is this:

%%[IF (([PNBA] == false)) THEN]%% 
%%=ContentBlockById("265218")=%% %%=EndImpressionRegion()=%% 
%%[ELSE]%% %%[ENDIF]%%

This AMPscript doesn't seem right? Is it not possible to retract dynamic content from a different DE thant the sending DE? Do I need to use AMPscript for that?

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    if the field is not in your sending DE you will need to use a lookup() ampscript functions
    – EazyE
    Commented Aug 5, 2020 at 13:23

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Try the following, but note that it will only work if the PNBA field in your data Extension is of boolean type:

%%[IF AttributeValue("PNBA") == false THEN]%% 

Source: https://ampscript.guide/attributevalue/

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