I create a lookup relationship between Lead(Parent) and Case(Child) Object .When I convert the lead,the lead case field will be updated into opportunity case field. Can anyone explain how to do this if it is possible.

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You should use custom mapping. " Custom lookup fields can be mapped to a lookup field pointing to the same object. For example, a lead custom lookup field pointing to the Account object can be mapped to a contact custom lookup field that also points to the Account object. "


  • No corresponding(related) fields were mapped when using the custom field map .I have create lookup relationship between lead(parent)& case(child) and opportunity(parent)& case(child).when the lead is converted, change the mapping of the cases to the opportunity created because of conversion. Help me find a way to do this.@MenashYA
    – Jane
    Aug 3, 2020 at 16:04

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