Using the exacttarget API, how can one retrieve the subscribers for a group?

There is a 'Subscribers' attribute on the 'Group' object, however when I include 'Subscribers' in the retrieve request I get an undefined attribute error.


Here is most of it ... in Ruby

props = { :object => 'Group', :props => [ "ID", "Name", "CreatedDate", "Subscriber"] } filter = { :filterType => 'Simple', :filter => ['Name','equals', "Not Healy Crowd" ] } lists = BuildRetrieve.new resp = filtered_query(props, filter) puts resp.inspect resp.results.each do |result| #puts result.inspect puts "#{result.iD },#{result.name}, #{result.createdDate} " end

  • Would you be willing to post your code?
    – Timothy
    Apr 2 '14 at 14:11

To answer my question ...

Exact target treats groups like lists. Therefore I used the solution provided in this example ...


.. and replaced the value for the "ListID" property with the selected group id.

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