With recent release our team has started facing this intermittent issue of utility icons not showing in buttons and button icons.

Button icon code:

<lightning:buttonIcon iconName="utility:save"  alternativeText="Save" onclick="{!c.handleSave}" 

Button code:

<lightning:button label="Mass Update" onclick="{!c.showMassUpdate}" title="Mass Update"
                    iconName="utility:record_update" iconPosition="left" variant="Neutral"
                    disabled="{!v.disableMassUpdate}" />

Any leads on how we can resolve this issue?


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This issue has been identified as a Chrome issue than the salesforce issue. The timing of the chrome issue and Salesforce release is a coincidence. You can follow the bug here

Hopefully, this will be resolved with the next chrome update.

You can follow the known issue here


This has been fixed now by chrome!

  • Thanks Mohith for the quick response! Appreciate it! Aug 4, 2020 at 4:43

There have been issues with utility icons reported in the past and Salesforce identified them as bugs. I recommend raising a support case to confirm the behavior

utility:pin and utility:pinned icons mentioned in the LightningDesignSystem are not rendered in the Lightning components

Work Utility icons on community pages disappear from the page when the chat button is clicked

Notice that both the utility icons specified in the question are working consistently in the lightning playground

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