This is related to my other thread here.

So once I removed the HTML and JS files leaving just the CSS and XML files my consumerComponent is consuming the CSS from myComponent alright. I can see that it's picking up the css correctly.

However if I try to re-save the consumerComponent I get an error saying Error:(1, 1) No MODULE named markup://c:myComponent found : [markup://c:myComponent]

Has anybod successfully imported CSS from another LWC component? It appears that I can't make any further changes to my consumerComponent once I delete the html and js from myComponent. It just won't let me deploy although as I said the CSS is picking up correctly.

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    Did you delete the myComponent.js-meta.xml file, perchance? You do still need that file, despite not having a JS file in your component.
    – sfdcfox
    Jul 30 '20 at 22:03
  • Did not delete it. It's still there. A colleague pulled my component and said the css and XML files are still there.
    – Arthlete
    Jul 30 '20 at 22:43

The parent component and shared CSS component must be deployed together. In addition, if you're using the SFDX CLI, there is a bug related to the shared CSS deployment and retrieval. You should be able to successfully deploy using Workbench. I've found that I can deploy the shared CSS component itself through the CLI, but I have to use Workbench to deploy the parent components. Just remember that you have to include both the parent component and the shared CSS component in your Workbench package.

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