We are using Person Account at Salesforce. I want every time the field '# of children' is changed - the account will enter the journey. I choose Account as the object, I have 3 options for 'Select who to inject '

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I've tried choosing each one of them, and then at the Entry Criteria I chose 'IsCreated' and 'IsUpdated' and chose a field at Account object enter image description here

I've updated the # of children at the Account at Salesforce many times but there are no entries to the Journey. anybody knows why?? How to Solve?

Here is the Summary of what @Mocca suggested

enter image description here

  • Which type of field is “# of children”? If this is a formula field, fours it reference fields on other objects than Account? – Lukas Lunow Jul 29 at 13:38
  • What's the API name of the field? (to know whether its a field from PersonAccount or PersonContact). – sfdcFanBoy Jul 29 at 14:40
  • 1
    JB when the updates field goes from not meeting criteria to meeting criteria. So you would need the criteria to be # of children = x or number of children is not null. A change that does not go from not meet to meet will not inject – EazyE Jul 29 at 22:55
  • The “# of children” field is number(3,0), not a formula. And it is a field on the Account object. the API name is 'of_children__c'. I've changed the value of the field from '0' to '2' – Ravit Shem-Tov Sar-Israel Aug 2 at 6:18

Macca is completely right and I think his awnser is the easiest way to solve the problem. I have another idea. I don't know if is applicable but maybe what you can do is: create a boolean field in the same object that you used as Entry source and a flow (in process Builder) to change this field from true to false and false to true (oscilating) everytime the number of children ('of_children__c') changes and in the entry criteria you can put this boolean field as a condition.

E.g of_children__c GREATER THAN 1 AND (num_of_children_change__c is true OR num_of_children_change__c is false) [WHEN the record IS UPDATED]

Again, I never tried this before. But I think would be my "second option".

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