I've set up FuelSdk on my airflow machine and I want to download some data from the _MobileSubscription table. but when I have a column starting with underscrore I'm getting this message

Failed to get <class 'FuelSDK.objects.ET_DataExtension_Row'> - Error: Invalid column name '_CustomObjectKey'.

and that's the code I'm running

client = self.get_conn()
getter = ET_DataExtension_Row()
getter.auth_stub = client
getter.CustomerKey = data_source
getter.props = ['_OptInDate', '_OptOutDate']
res = getter.get()

If I try on a different data source with columns that don't start with "_" it works fine.

Does anyone know what could be the issue?

  • _mobileaubscripition is a system object, I would recommend using the data view instead help.salesforce.com/… – EazyE Jul 27 at 22:17
  • @EazyE I'm not even sure If I try to query the correct table, I'm mostly interested in getting data about mobile push notifications (opt in / opt out fields) Which in the data designer seems to be in "Mobile Push Demographics" and "Mobile Push Subscriptions" tables, but I can't find them anywhere. Do you happen to know where I can find them? – Alex Fragotsis Jul 28 at 13:32

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