We have some related MetaData objects in Salesforce. However, when I'm on the parent metadata record, I can't add a child record from the related metadata record.

I'm thinking the only way I can do this is through a visual force page for the record, but is there a "clicks" rather than "code" option?

denter image description here

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    Have you checked Buttons of the Related Lists on the Page Layout of the parent Object? Also, do you have Create permission for child Objects? – user75330 Jul 25 at 21:28
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    Are these plain objects or custom metadata? – rahul gawale Jul 26 at 12:17
  • These are Custom Metadata @rahulgawale. I have full admin rights, unless there is a special permission related to meta data. I checked the related lists on the page page layout of the parent object. Couldn't find anything about adding buttons. – thinker Jul 29 at 13:26

You can add button in related list, normaly Change Owner and New buttons are shown by default in child related list for a custom object. However I don't quite understand your question, if you can't find the buttons like new and others in related list popoup in object page layout, try minimizing the fields tab, the buttons tab starts after that.

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  • these are metadata. They don't have the same configurations as custom objects. Unless I'm missing something. – thinker Sep 14 at 13:24

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