This question is sort of a continuation to this question. I have this method:

public static void sendMail(List<Object> selectedRows) {
     if (selectedRows.size() > 0) {
          for (Object obj : selectedRows) {
               Map<Object, Object> mapJson = (Map<Object, Object>)obj;
               String title = (String)mapJson.get('title');
               String link = (String)mapJson.get('link');

I wanted to mock selectedRows list for testing. I did this:

List<Object> selectedRows = (List<Object>)JSON.deserializeUntyped('[{"title":"Title1","link":"https://www.google.com"}]');

based on the answer. Also, I converted Map<Object, Object> to Map<String, Object> based on the suggestion in the answer. But, after that when I run the code, i am getting this error: Invalid conversion from runtime type Map<ANY,ANY> to Map<String,ANY>. So, I changed it back to Map<Object, Object>. Then, the test code throws this error: Invalid conversion from runtime type Map<String,ANY> to Map<ANY,ANY>.

So, the current situation is either the code works or the test works, but not both. How can I solve this issue?

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This shall work perfectly with above method.

    private static void testSendMail(){
        List<Map<Object, Object>> jsonMap = new List<Map<Object, Object>>();
        Map<Object, Object> tempMap = new Map<Object, Object>();
        tempMap.put('title'  , 'Title1');
        tempMap.put('link'  , 'https://www.google.com');
        List<Object> selectedRows = (list<Object>)jsonMap;
        Q_313948.sendMail(selectedRows); //class in which sendMail is present

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