We are planning to make Web scrapping tool in cloud pages using node.js . I want to know can we use node.js libraries and function in cloudpages ?

We have a Url of a web page as input .Request {Url} We will fetch the HTML source code of this page. Fetch{Html source code} do some operation to get its data Extract {Html Tag data}. display it on Cloud pages in Tabular format.

Please let me know if we can use node.js combined with HTML to achieve this task in cloud page ? or any other technologies(python ..etc) which can be used within CloudPages


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No. You can't run Node.js in a CloudPage. On the server side, you're limited to using SFMC's implementation of Server Side JavaScript (SSJS) or AMPScript. Both languages have features to support your use case, including making HTTP requests to syndicate content. AMPScript has better support for processing XML based content and SSJS includes native support for parsing JSON based content using the Platform Library's Content Syndication Functions.

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