If I run the following query in a Marketing Cloud (Corporate version account so there are no BUs):

SELECT EmailAddress, SubscriberKey, Status FROM _Subscribers WHERE Status = 'Unsubscribed'

I get a count of 545,350

However, if I navigate to the All Subscribers list and search for status of "Unsubscribed", I get 560,035.

While this is live data and I might expect a difference of a few, why is there a ~15k difference? They should be the same. What is being pulled in by the search in the All Subscribers list that isn't being pulled in by the _Subscribers view and what should the query be to return the same count as pulling the count manually in the All Subscribers list?


These data views do NOT surface the same information. _Subscribers shows the current status of the subscriber on the "All Subscriber" list, while the _unsubscribe dataview is unsubscribes from email sends (engagement data) A subscriber can exist multiple time on the _unsubscribe dataview.

Everything in the _unsubscribe dataview will have a jobid/listid associated with it

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