as the title says I'm looking for the best option to use code to unsubscribe a user from all business units. More specifically, we're planning to build a custom preference center that would basically give the end-user the option to either unsubscribe from a certain BU or all BUs.

Off the top of my head, i'm thinking of using WSproxy to update the Subscriber Object via API, but subscriber management's a bit new to me, so wanted to check with everyone!



What I would recommend using, due to its versatility is LogUnsubEvent.

Although it is created to handle job specific events and BUs, I find it is the best option because if you leave all of that off, it will master unsubscribe.

Find more info on LogUnsubEvent inside this article I wrote as well as one that Zuzanna wrote that includes how to do it in multiple SFMC languages.

My recommended WSProxy script:

<script runat="server">
    function LogUnsubEvent(mid,skey,emailaddr,jId,lId,bId,unsubReason) {
    var prox = new Script.Util.WSProxy();

    /* Set ClientID */
        if(mid) {
      prox.setClientId({ "ID": mid}); //Impersonates the BU

    var props = [
       { Name: "SubscriberKey", Value: sKey },
       { Name: "EmailAddress", Value: emailAddr },
       { Name: "JobID", Value: jId },
       { Name: "ListID", Value: lId },
       { Name: "BatchID", Value: bId },
       { Name: "Reason", Value: unsubReason }

    var data = prox.execute(props, "LogUnsubEvent");
        return data;
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  • Thanks Gortonington - this is exactly what i need! Cheers! – balwill Jul 24 at 13:25

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