We have developed a standalone Lookup LWC to be used as Lookup fields. This LWC takes multiple attributes and we have a dedicated attribute to prepopulate the value with the already selected data when opening the record in edit layout.

We also have built a custom case edit form using LWC and the account lookup field in this form use the Lookup LWC. We use @wire to retrieve and save the case data and data changes are saved as expected. However, when opening the record for editing we need to pass the account name to the dedicated attribute in the Lookup LWC to prepopulate the value. There are multiple ways to fetch the account name from the case and pass it to the Lookup LWC but we are ending up doing an additional query and would like to know the possibility of using the data from @wire and pass it to the Lookup LWC so that we would not have to da additional SOQL query but have the values prepopulated when the form loads.

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