I have a function in LWC which is getting invoked if Wire brings some values from Apex. but issue here i am facing is function is still getting called when data=[]

Logic : Wire

@wire(getRFCt, { crid: '$crid' }) wired({ error, data }) {
        const functionName = 'wired';
        if (error) {
            //Log to print Error
        else if (data) {
                console.log("data is here" + JSON.stringify(data));
    ceSler(data) {
        if (data !== []) {
              /// Logic for Functio
data is here[{"T_R_R":"ASD-SDF-DFG","Id":"hgjfhgjf"}]
data is here[]

How to invoke the function only when (data is here[{"T_R_R":"ASD-SDF-DFG","Id":"hgjfhgjf"}]) value is present in data currently not sure why it is getting invoked for both. kindly help me out for this.

  • check for length data.length > 0 – User6670 Jul 21 '20 at 8:14

Change your condition to:

if(data && data.length) {

0 is a "falsy" value, so if the array is empty, this condition will not call the method.


if(data) evaluates against null value. In this scenario as @sfdcfox suggested you could check null and length. Alternatively In getRFCt() method if there is no valid data make sure return null.

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