I'm wondering is there any technique or pattern that I can use to prioritizing the oninit call?

I have main component (MAIN.cmp) and within it I have few other components Child1.cmp, Child2.cmp and Child2.cmp so what I want is once the page loads I want the MAIN.cmp onInit to load first before it goes to the child.cmp.

How would you go after this? any ideas

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You cannot directly control the order of aura:valueInit for components purely in markup (see the docs, it demonstrates that children always init before their parents). If you want to control the order, you could use aura:if to delay rendering the children until the parent is done, or you can dynamically create the components in the parent's init handler.

  • I'm interested to know how you do in the aura:if to delay rendering the children until the parent is done and I have tried to create a variable in the aura component and set to true in the parent onInit controller but that's not working as expected, still loading the child first then parent.
    – Nick
    Jul 17, 2020 at 23:20

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