My situation now is that I went ahead and did some changes I shouldn't have done to my sfdx config and now both my default username and my devhubusername are set to my production user, and both are global values. So when I open up the scratch org, it launches the production Salesforce instead of a scratch org, which is what I want. how do I unset this? My config right now when issuing sfdx force:config:list --json is

"key": "defaultdevhubusername",
  "location": "Global",
  "value": "*production user name*"
  "key": "defaultusername",
  "location": "Global",
  "value": "*production user name*"

Obviously not an ideal situation.


Use the config commands:

sfdx force:config:set defaultusername=me@my.org defaultdevhubusername=me@myhub.org -g

With the -g you set your globals. Setting them "blank" clears the (global) setting (thanks for the reminder Rahul!).

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In addition to the answer by @Phil W. If you want to remove the global value of defaultdevhubusername. you can reset it using the below command.

sfdx force:config:set defaultdevhubusername= -g

It will clear the value.

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