I have a Flow that uses a formula variable. formula is len({!UPSERT_longtextareafield.r_Object.Long_textfield__c}). When trying to upload the change set to another org, it throws this error: variable (Formula) - The element has an invalid reference to "UPSERT_subflow.r_Object.Long_textfield__c". How do I fix this error? Hope someone can help me.

  • I have seen a similar issue in the past (The element has an invalid reference to "accountLookup.recordId"). The solution was to use the latest version (47.0 or later) to retrieve the flow. This will extract the new flag <StoreOutputAutomatically> in the flow metadata. As long as this is present, the references made to the record ID or record Name of the lookup component will deploy without errors. Jul 13, 2020 at 16:11

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I've met this issue and found your post here. I hope you found a solution since that time.

It turned out that the field causing the issue was forgotten in the package, thus not existing in the destination Org.

Deploying "r_Object.Long_textfield__c" along with your flow should solve the issue.

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