I am new to Salesforce workflow. I would like to know following things on Salesforce integration;

Use case:

  • User authentication happens on Salesforce website.
  • once user is authenticated successfully, I wanted to make a REST API call to third party service.
  • This third party service API calls returns/redirects to a html page.
  • I wanted to load that page of a web service into the Salesforce page.

So would like to know Is this possible to load a page from third party service into Salesforce login workflow?

I hope the use case is clear. Appreciate your help here.

Thanks in advance.

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For handling/processing/controlling any thing, can be done through FLOW. You need to check login flows and from flow you can do callouts.

Showing a page, is a tricky part here. May be you can have a page which accepts URL as a param and you can show the same URL in Iframe.

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