I am trying to create a dynamic help text within lightning component having formatted date time value. But it seems it allow only text.

Current code:

 <lightning:helptext content="{!('Changed at' + case.Custom_DateTime_Field__c)}"  iconName="action:info"/>

Current Output showing datetime in "2020-07-10T15:08:47.000Z" format. Can we change it to "2020-07-10 03:08 PM" ?

Is there any way to use lightning:formattedDateTime with helptext ? Any other alternative ?


I would suggest to do formatting at the Apex level and pass the string to the lightning component.

Doc link - Date Time class

Code from doc-

Datetime GMTDate = 
String strConvertedDate = 
  GMTDate.format('MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss', 
// Date is converted to 
// the new time zone and is adjusted
// for daylight saving time.
  '06/01/2011 08:01:05', strConvertedDate);

Also, if you're not using Apex, you can think for JS controller for formatting. IMO, View portion should have only view functionality.

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