am new to developing custom journey activities in sales force marketing cloud. I followed all steps as per the documentation and created the custom journey activity.

My Iframe has an edit field called Campaign Id. The starting point of the journey is a data extension called PropensityHub_NBA_Journey. I have added the data extension to the contact builder and linked one of its column called Subscriber key as the Contact key. In test subscriber key is nothing but an email address but could be any client defined value.

The user entered Campaign Id field is one of the parameters that needs to be sent to the execute end point. The other value that needs to be sent is a column called NPI from the starting data extension.

Based on post I found I have added the two the config.json file

"execute": {
  "inArguments": [
      "CampaignIdentifier": ""
      "Npi": "{{Contact.Attribute.PropensityHub_NBA_Journey.NPI}}"

However when I serialize the request body on the web server in the execute method - I do not get the value of NPI in the body. Below is what I get

  "inArguments": [
      "CampaignIdentifier": "TNT:100001-CMP:TEST"
  "outArguments": [],
  "activityObjectID": "c1ca7611-7d77-4e00-8424-5c70404f2bca",
  "journeyId": "49ee8345-7870-4ecf-b4a4-2bbdc6a46412",
  "activityId": "c1ca7611-7d77-4e00-8424-5c70404f2bca",
  "definitionInstanceId": "c5464ba9-289e-4cc2-9c7c-3699444b483c",
  "activityInstanceId": "babf2c3d-3e67-4ca3-99bb-a608f2710719",
  "keyValue": "skumar@allturna.com",
  "mode": 0

I am not sure what i am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Sid

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