I am currently helping up with Non-profit for automatically archiving the data with no cost solution. Plan is to save 2 years of data within salesforce (Big object) or outside with no cost.

  1. I spent around a week to set up big object using an free app https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EcvSsUAJ

It set it up and everything works fine. Later I found out big object has only 1 million records . Anything more than big object data need to be paid. We are expecting to hold 5 millions to 10 millions of data

  1. Now I am looking at option to CLI dataloader to export as shown below link which looks promising

Unable to view more than 1 million records in csv file when exported through Dataloder CLI

If there are better option which anyone can suggest. It would be great. Thanks Athi

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