We have an issue where an email sent from a journey is rendered with '????????' instead of Hebrew letters. We examine the mime code header (within the .eml file) and found this:

Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

This can explain why the Hebrew letters rendered as '????????'. Then we copied the email in email studio and send it again. This time the Hebrew characters rendered well and the mime code header looks like this:

Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"    
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

The question is what determines the encoding Marketing Cloud set to the message? In this case both messages are identical and MC sends them with different encoding each time.

Thanks a lot, Barak

  • Can you confirm the email in which you had charset="us-ascii" was built using the templates available on platform? or was built with HTML email by placing full HTML code developed by your Internal teams? Jul 6 '20 at 11:59
  • Hi @VishalKumarCV thanks for your comment. The email was developed using full HTML code (not template-based). Both of the email (which are identical) were developed using custom html.
    – Barak
    Jul 7 '20 at 13:10

If you look in the 'email overview' section that shows when you first click an email, you will notice in the left side, a small section titled 'Language'. This shows the currently set charset.

enter image description here

If you need to change this, then go to the edit button in the top right and choose 'Edit Properties'. Here you can change the 'Target Language' which is to the right of the 'Location' field and right below the 'Sharing' section.

enter image description here

There is no need to recreate anything, this change will adjust the charset accordingly.

  • 1
    Thanks @Gortonington! This is exactly what I was searching for.
    – Barak
    Jul 7 '20 at 13:15

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