Our customer services team has a requirement to bulk reply to cases using email templates, so they can respond to hundreds of cases at the same time. I saw that Mass Email Cases was an option in Salesforce Classic, but cases originating via email-to-case don't appear to be available using this feature.

Has anyone put a similar feature in place before? I assume it's possible with auto-replies for different queues etc but was hoping this might be something that's been achieved in a better way.

  • bulk macros can work against list view; macros can send emails – cropredy Jul 3 at 19:40

One item to look at would be (which we use in our org)

Macros -- these are canned steps of actions to take based on either the current case or a selected set of cases from a listview

Learn About Macros, Service Console, and Case Feed

So, if you can define a listview that locates all the cases that need a common reply; then define an email template, select the cases in the listview within Service Console, apply the macro and bingo, hundreds of emails go out in one click.

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