We have a custom object, Programs that has several multiselect picklists. One of these is called keywords. When I look in the field I see that the terms are separated by semicolons. I do this to execute the query: keywordsDataList = Database.query(keywordssearchQuery); The query that I am using is: keywordssearchQuery is

SELECT pgm.Id, pgm.Name__c, pgm.Purpose__c, pgm.Type_of_Assistance__c, pgm.Categories__c, pgm.Categories_text__c, pgm.Program_Eligible_Applicant__c, pgm.Program_Eligible_Projects__c, pgm.Application_Process__c, pgm.Available_Funding__c, pgm.Contact__r.Name, pgm.Contact__r.Title, pgm.Contact__r.Department, pgm.Agency__r.Name, pgm.Contact__r.MailingStreet, pgm.Contact__r.MailingCity, pgm.Contact__r.MailingState, pgm.Contact__r.Phone, pgm.Contact__r.Fax, pgm.Contact__r.Email, pgm.Contact__r.MailingPostalCode, pgm.Keywords__c FROM Program__c pgm WHERE (pgm.Keywords__c LIKE '%401K%' ) ORDER BY pgm.Name__c

I get the error message invalid operator on multipicklist field. I am new to salesforce and have no experience in this. I was very happy that I figured out apex:repeat and all my other fields come out fine for all the records returned. The only fields that aren’t working are multiselect picklists. There must be something special I need to do to get those records. Any ideas?

As an aside, I was thinking about using String.escapeSingleQuotes(searchKey) instead of just searchKey (which is 401K in this example) but we have a lot of legit terms (like Alzheimer’s) that we need to search for.


You cannot use LIKE operator with Multi-select picklist, instead you need to use INCLUDES operator in your case. Checkout the documentation for details.

  • Worked perfectly. Thanks so much!
    – cw-DEO
    Jun 30 '20 at 17:07

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