I have a screen flow that starts with a screen that prompts the user for address data using "Address Picker Autocomplete for Flow" from the app exchange. This maps the values to a record variable that is set with input/output enter image description here.

I have debugged this and can see the results as expected, but then I send the sSite.Country__c text to a Subflow to be converted to regional acronym (i.e. United States to US). This just replaces the value of the field like so: enter image description here

Although it works as expected, for some reason this clears out the other field values on my sSite variable. If I remove the output value and debug the object after the subflow call then my sSite record variable is stays intact, but if I set the output to sSite.Country__c to replace that one field value it wipes the entire variable. Any explanation as to why it behaves that way?

I assume that the work around in this instance is to map the output value to another variable and then use an assignment component to set the new value. That seems completely unnecessary though so I hope I'm just missing something here.

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