I'm trying to create an automation that will report on the performance of certain metrics for emails that belong to a Journey. What I want to know is how unique is TriggererSendDefinitionObjectID when it comes to identifying each email? As in, if I have journey email called JourneyEmailA that gets sent 5000 times during last week, when I go to the _Job data view, will there be as many different TriggererSendDefinitionObjectID or just one code repeated 5000 times?


The TriggeredsendDefinitionobjectID (The object ID for the triggered send definition) will stay the same for the version of the Journey. on the _job dataview you will see only one row per jobid (if you republish the email activity it will get a new jobid).

If you want subscriber level detail, you would use the _SENT dataview, to see the 5000 rows

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