I'm having a hard time on how to use count in lightning web components. I just want to count how many Active users and how many Inactive users. Can someone please help I'm having a trouble in implementing this in Controller and in JS so that I can display this in my HTML. Thank you so much.

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    Hi, and welcome to SFSE! Please take a moment to read How to Ask, and take the tour. As your question is written, we can't really answer it at this time. Where exactly are you stuck? What have you tried so far? Do you get any errors? Please edit your question to demonstrate the code you've used so far, research you've tried, etc.
    – sfdcfox
    Jun 28, 2020 at 17:01

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Can You update below code in your controller.It will return as expected result of Active Users. If we use IsActive=false it will return inactive users and you will get count. select Id, name, isActive,count(isActive) from User where IsActive=true groupby name;

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