Hi I have a data that I am trying to show on LWC Input is : [numberone=1000, number2=2000,resultHeader=ResultHeader:[body=body:[value1=0001, value2=17]]] and I am getting error: [t[Ln] is not a function]

My LWC html component looks like :

<template for:each={data} for:item="toplevel"><template for:each={toplevel.ResultHeader} for:item="header">
   <template for:each={header.body} for:item="body">
  • You are getting the error because ResultHeader is not well-formatted as JSON – Klecool Jun 25 at 10:59
  • Thank YOu so much Klecool, I corrected the Response and is able to get the desired results. – Padam Jun 25 at 11:42

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