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We are getting errors in Journey Builder custom activity. When we run journey, dynamic fields doesn't populate in the custom activity app.

Steps we followed-

  1. Create journey in JB with custom activity app
  2. Configure the custom activity
  3. After activating, sometimes it runs properly and sometimes we get errors of empty DE column when using this in our app (We use this to access the DE fields - {{Event."+ eventDefinitionKey +"."+ column +"}} )

Actual Msg Content in Custom activity app - "Dear %%FirstName%%, We are delighted to enclose herewith a Proforma invoice for %%ExeMobile%% as requested by you . Please contact me for any further assistance. Regards, %%ExeName%%",

I want to dynamically replace this %%FirstName%% (FirstName is column in DE)


Now here above fields are coming empty as you can see.

Ideally it should be like this as below ( We received this when successfully run )

Journey runs successfully sometime and sometimes it gives empty DE fields. This generally happens when we create new version of Journey and sometimes when we copy the journey from existing.

Please help me out as this is critical.

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