I have passed a string in exactly this format with a ',' delimiter (a014K000001W1wqQAC,000410001006672,500,34567) from a flow to an invocable APEX method.

    public class obuTopUpTrailhead {
    public static void invokeapexcallout(list<String> obuDetails){
      for (string s : obuDetails){
         // Loop body

In the APEX class invokable method, how can I split comma delimited String and assign them to public class variables? This is what I am looking to perform:
Var 1 = a014K000001W1wqQAC
Var 2 = 000410001006672
Var 3 = 500
Var 4 = 34567

Thanks in advance for every bit of help!


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You pretty much already answered it; you just use the split method.

  for (string s : obuDetails){
    String[] parts = s.split(',');
    var1 = parts[0];
    var2 = parts[1];
  • Thanks a lot. Yes got it working :-)
    – d039043
    Jun 24, 2020 at 16:25

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