I simply want to create a custom activity that pings a URL endpoint.

All the activity will do is take a URL that is entered within an input element that lives within the activity iframe and ping it after another activity completes.

I am looking to do something like the below where "executeURL" is a variable that is passed from the input element in the activity iframe.

Code is contained within customActivity.js:

  function save() {
    var endpointURL = $('#endpointURL').val();
    var executeURL = endpointURL + '/journeybuilder/execute';

    payload['arguments'].execute.inArguments = [{
        "tokens": authTokens,
        "url": executeURL

    payload['metaData'].isConfigured = true;

    connection.trigger('updateActivity', payload);


Also here is some JSON for my arguments in config.json file. I've left "url" as an empty string since I want it to be populated with the variable executeURL from the code above.

    "arguments": {
    "execute": {
      "outArguments": [],
      "url": "",
       "verb": "POST",
        "body": "",
        "header": "",
        "format": "json",
        "useJwt": true,
        "timeout": 10000

Is this an incorrect way to handle this type of activity? Thanks in advance.

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