There are concurrent creations of multiple records happening in the org. We want to track the creation of record(standard/custom sObject). We also want to see which user is creating/updating that record and its timestamp. We want to track dml operation. (We do not want to track triggers or apex class)


When a record is created, it has a number of fields that are "stamped" by the platform. Two of these fields are CreatedByID (who created the record) and CreatedDate (self-explanatory). You can pull this information via a report, a batch job, APIs, ...


We need to do this on a large scale and the only solution which I found is using 'Enable Login Forensics'.

The API which we used is LightningUriEvent: It detects when a user creates, accesses, updates, or deletes a record in Lightning Experience only. This object is available in API version 46.0 and later. I was able to retrieve data of sObject, timestamp, and user using below SOQL==>

SELECT EventDate, QueriedEntities, recordid, Operation, userid, UserName, UserType FROM LightningUriEvent

For Classic salesforce, we have 'UriEvent'.

Resources: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=real_time_event_monitoring_overview.htm&type=5


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