• Is there a way to get the Contact IDs for all those who were evaluated for a journey? (ideally with the date as well)

The first use case is - We are facing a Subscriber-Key migration - we do 'Extract and Delete'. (We are migrating to MC-Connect so Subscribers will have new Subscriber-Keys from Salesforce), - and don't want Contacts to re-qualify for a journey they have already been through.

I know we could simply flag these contacts we re-present in MC with an extra field and tweak the journeys to accommodate this, but keeping history of Contacts who went through journeys can have more uses in the future.

  • Same question for those who actually made it through the journey? (i.e. weren't filtered in Entry conditions)

I have found this:

Is there a way to retrieve Journey History for contact using REST API?

But am not clear if we can query Journey History beyond last 30 days? What's the limit?

Also looked at DataViews - Journey and Journey-Activity - which do not seem to have this info.


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